Privacy Policy

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When a customer visits our website to avail our services or products, we get some information from the customer through our online application and questionnaires. We may use the information, even if it is confidential in nature, for any valid purposes.

Our strong commitment is for giving maximum protection to the customer information. We have taken all the necessary and reasonable steps in order to give protection the customer information and its transmission through the World Wide Web. At the same time, we shall not be held liable for revealing the confidential information to anyone despite an agreement with the customer regarding the privacy.   

We have the professional people who make all the efforts to safeguard and make certain the security of the information given to us by the customer. When the customer information is not transmitted through this encryption, the computer system of the customer will display a message in order to ascertain the best level of secrecy to the customer.

We expect that the customer will cooperate with us for maximum security of the information. We suggest that the customer should come out with a strong password to keep the information entirely secure. We recommend that the customer should choose to create a very strong password carefully that no one can have access to. In order to make the password complex and difficult to explore, we advise the customer to use a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters like @, #, $, etc. The customer should never disclose the password to any third party. We also advise the customer to not to keep a written record of the password. 

We have ascertained that we will never disclose the customer information to any one who is not related to delivering of our services and products. However, we may disclose the information in the following circumstances:

The customer should not disclose the information received from our affiliates and us while using our website. If the customer fails to comply with this condition of protecting the information, then it shall be deemed a serious breach of the terms. We may take necessary steps to terminate all services to the customer and we will not be responsible for such an action and the damages to the customer.   

We collect and use customer information only to deliver better services. We may share the information with affiliates and third parties in order to provide services. We may also use the information for collecting the subscription fees for such services. We can also contact the customer regarding any problem with our services. To deliver the services, it may be necessary for us to disclose customer information to our agents, contractors and sub-contractors, who are required to agree to our terms and conditions regarding the security of the customer information.  

We have the right to make any number of changes in this privacy policy without any announcement. The users should visit the page regularly to know about the changes before availing our services. We shall not be responsible for an issues arising out of the changes in the policy.

The customer agrees that we can share and exchange or part with the transaction history of the customer with financial institutions, affiliates, banks, credit bureaus; agencies and we may use the information in participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network gathering.  We can share the information as per the demands of law, customary practice, credit reporting, statistical analysis and credit scoring, verification or risk management. We will not be responsible for any damages due to sharing of the information with others.

Opt-Out Policy

When the customer submits Personal Data on our Website, the customer agrees that we and our affiliates may use the Personal Data having the phone number, email address, or postal address to contact the customer by post, telephone, email or SMS.  Such contact with the customer may be to assist on the issues regarding our services.

In case the customer opted-in to receive our marketing communications via our application, we allow the customer to opt-out of the use of your Personal Data for marketing purposes by us. To opt-out, the customer can perform one of the following functions:

We will certainly honor your request for opt-out from our use of the Personal Data use. We will take steps to verify the customer’s identity for the request.    

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